Welcome to Andy’s World Trade!!

We hope you to have a valuable time to travel our homepage. AWT helps a marvelous and competitive Korean Auto parts supplier to do business in Euroean Market.   Based on the contract, AWT promises that we try to do our best to keep your business growing in Europe.

Our major concerns are:

  1. Help to solve the communication problem, which is caused by long distance,
    between European and Korean companies.
  2. Be able to discuss about technical and quality issues immediately.
  3. Check the JIT delivery. → Manage a warehouse
  4. The cost negotiation.

Of course, our represented suppliers are qualified by ISO/QS/TS certifications..  Furthermore, our products are satisfied with the increasing demands relating to technology, functionality, environmental capability, service life and quality.

AWT’s represented suppliers also have around 30 to 40 years experiences on their parts.

We would appreciate it if you required any assistance from us.
We are open at any time, whenever you knock the door of AWT.
We wish that this would be the start of mutual prosperous cooperation between you & AWT.
We appreciate again for your visiting.

Sincerely yours,
Andy J. Kim / President of AWT